Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm sorry I've not been posting so often. My personal life is getting very busy and I've severely neglected the blog. I hope to start getting back into it again this month. I've a lot going on--class is keeping me busy but I'm also submitting an article to the Journal of Near East Studies and applying to PhD programs in Ancient History and MA programs in Asian Studies. To top that off, I've started an essay on the neglect of history education in schools and universities as well as planning to start another article for publication submission on Mycenaean kingship during the Bronze Age.

So, yes, I'm quite busy. But I'll hopefully have some details for readers about the World of Darkness game I'm going to start running tomorrow.

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Lagomorph Rex said...

I'm looking forward to that Essay. I've just completed my 7th week towards my AA in History. It's a far cry from a PHD but it's that first step on a road of a thousand miles..