Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Abandoned

I'm not sure how many people regularly read my blog (I do have a few followers, though). I'm finishing up my third year working in Korea and am preparing to return to the United States, so I'm incredibly busy.

Currently, I'm reading Bakker's The White-Luck Warrior and will have a review up for it in about a week if all goes right. I've put all other reading on hold to finish it, which means I really haven't touched Takami's Battle Royale or Keegan's The Face of Battle. I'm thrilled by HBO's A Game of Thrones and I want to start watching Showtime's The Borgias. I'm finishing Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have finished Season 2 of Angel--I was greatly remiss in never watching those shows ten years ago and am currently rectifying this deficiency.

My work schedule doesn't give me a lot of free time to really post much, and my posts have slowed to a trickle, and then halted entirely. But don't worry, this blog hasn't been abandoned. After I get back to the States, I hope to start posting regularly again.


Anonymous said...

No worries Dave, I'll be ready to read when you're ready to write. I sort of dropped out for a bit before I could read and respond to your reply in the McCarthy review below.

Regarding that, my point wasn't so much to to express a disliking for nihilism in art so much as saying that I felt McCarthy was actually getting less and not more nihilistic over the course of his recent work. I was wondering your take on that.

Dave Cesarano said...

Well, since I've only read Blood Meridian, I don't really have a take at all. I've got to read more of his works to really get a sense as to whether he's getting less and less nihilist and what that means for the quality of his work.

Good to hear from you, good to know some people still check in from time-to-time. I've got so much stuff to do in the next three weeks, I feel like I'm going a bit crazy!

Anonymous said...

I read yer stuff! :)

godspace said...

Hey Dave,

My cellhone isn't working yet, since I got back from the States.

I'll give you a call when I can.

Joe M.